Say goodbye to uncomfortable and unflattering work wear…

Say hello to stylishly sustainable branded apparel that creates a professional and profitable relationship with your customers

From color selection to final delivery, IDFA makes your branded apparel experience easy, fun, and crazy effective!

Some of our favorite apparel brands

Welcome to a NEW ERA in branded apparel that changes how the world sees your business

Forget everything you think you know about branded merchandise… it’s time to experience what high-quality branded apparel can do:

Brand Awareness

Make a meaningful connection with customers... so when it’s time to buy, they’ll choose you every time

High ROI

You won’t find a more effective marketing strategy that’s this friendly to your budget

We Handle It All

Save time and avoid frustration because Inspired Designs For All is your one-stop-shop


We offer multiple eco-friendly apparel brands so you can feel confident in the workplace... and great about your impact on the environment


IDFA only provides top-quality brands, ensuring that your customized merch looks amazing and lasts a REALLY long time

Form and Function

Stylish, professional, and comfortable work attire that your employees will actually enjoy wearing

What IS Branded Apparel and is it REALLY worth the investment?


Here’s the honest truth…

Branded apparel is one of THE most cost-effective marketing strategies EVER, and here’s why:

⭐ Folks who receive free branded products are more likely to buy from that brand later on

⭐ 82% of people had a “more favorable” impression of brands after receiving free promo merch (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC)

⭐ According to a UK study: employees who wear high-quality and fashionable attire show an overall increase in performance

Why Choose Inspired Designs For Your Branded Apparel, Merch, and Promotional Products?

Professionalism and Confidence

Dress your team in high-quality, eco-friendly, and trend-conscious attire that strengthens customer awareness, and inspires their loyalty

Personalized Vendor Shop

Enjoy your own personalized online vendor portal while we manage inventory, shipping, and maintenance… All you have to do is share the link with your team

Always On Top Of The Trends

Inspired Designs For All knows what’s in, and exactly how to use it to market your business. Staying trending, timeless, and professional is our specialty.

“79% of people who receive free branded products are more likely to buy from that brand in the future”

Become a branded apparel expert today

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The Mind Behind Your Branded Apparel Strategy

Hi there!

I’m Arleen, and I started Inspired Designs For All to help businesses (like yours) experience the marketing power of branded merch without sacrificing comfort, style, and sustainability.


Because branded apparel is so much more than your business logo slapped on a boring and unflattering shirt that (if we’re totally honest) isn’t very durable or long-lasting.

That’s why I’ve melded my industry insight, expertise, and passion into services that inspire the life-long customer loyalty that’s critical to a successful business.

Why working with Arleen is wa-a-ay different from other branded apparel companies

Arleen understands that strategy and intuition are crucial to effective branded apparel… but she also knows that your business is made up of real people!

She takes the time to get to know what really matters to you… and uses her expertise and cheerful energy to support your specific goals with fashionable work-wear that looks and feels amazing!

…And once you share your vision with Arleen, just sit back, relax, and she’ll take care of the rest.

All you have to do is get ready to look AWESOME!

Let Your Marketing Team Order Merch From Your Personalized Online Vendor Portal

After you’ve worked with Arleen to create your personalized branded products, Inspired Designs For All provides you with your very own online merch shop!

Your vendor portal showcases all of your customized apparel and products in one easy-to-use online catalog…

So when your marketing team wants to order promotional materials, all you have to do is share the link!

Here’s everything you WON’T have to worry about with an Inspired Designs For All Personalized Online Store:


Managing Inventory
Submitting lengthy purchase orders on behalf of tons of people (that almost ALWAYS need something added on at the last minute)
Hassling with manufacturing and shipping
Feeling frustrated trying to manage complicated and user-UNfriendly payment processing
Juggling time-consuming back-and-forths with the manufacturer
Tedious backend maintenance like site updates and optimization

Here’s what you WILL have to do (sorry)🠟

      Keep a copy of your shop link handy (yep, it’s that easy!)

Online Stores Are Specialized!!!

That’s right — there are different online store capabilities for different selling opportunities.

There are 3 main selling options— and each has a different purpose.


Pre-Order/Fundraiser Web Store

The “pre-order” web store means we run the store for a period of weeks or months (however long you think you might need) collecting orders. Once the web store is closed, it takes approximately 2 weeks for all of the orders to be produced and delivered to the end customer. The customer will be able to choose from a few delivery methods (local pick up vs. direct delivery). Generally, the pre-order method is  relevant — to a time or to an event — and they should come with a high degree of urgency as a result.

Take a look at what others have done :

Fundraiser for a High School Rebuild

Pop-Up Event


On-Demand Web Store

With this style of web store, we produce orders 1 at a time. It typically takes 7-10 business days from the time the customer submits their order on the web store to the time it is delivered, and there is no order collection period. As soon as the individual orders come in, we produce and deliver them. This method has a higher cost per unit than the pre-order method, but delivery is faster as there is no order collection period.

These stores are created with the intention of staying online — and open — for extended periods of time,  evergreen stores include stores for brands, celebrities, influencers, bands, corporate work, and cause marketing.

Take a look at what others have done :

Local Sports League


Corporate Stores

 Companies love these online stores because they eliminate inventory storage and product management headaches. They also make the buying process for employee uniform programs, employee swag/merch, and employee appreciation, recognition, and rewards programs.

Companies can also use online stores for their marketing materials, ordering (or releasing) custom branded products for marketing needs like giveaway t-shirts for an event, or welcome kits for new customers.

Take a look at what others have done :

Small Business Uniform

Multi-Department Corporate Uniform

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Become a branded apparel expert today

Download my free checklist and feel confident that your branded merchandise is always powerful, functional, and cost-effective!